Rim Pool

The sunlit Cascade Pool, known as Rim Pool in the American release of Endless Ocean, is one of the many rooms that can be can be foundin the Mermaid's Tunnel, located at map coordinates E/F-6/7. In this room, Longnose Butterflyfish, Moorish Idols and young Golden Spadefish make up the 'small fish' population, and zoom mode spots here contain a stocky anthias and a singapore prawn goby (The goby is living in a hole with a goby shrimp as a roommate), while a small group of West Indian Manatees (originally mistaken for mermaids by Catharine/Katharine) hold the room's main appeal. The waterfall at the North end of the room spills over the only entrance to the White Room.

A piece of the salvageable Patterned Pottery is found in this room.

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