Cavern of the Gods

Cavern of the Gods

Cavern of the Gods, Zahhab Region, Red Sea

The Cavern of the Gods is the temple of the Okeanides eventually discovered by L&L (R&R) Diving Service, and serves as the tomb of the last queen. It is the resting place of the legendary Pacifica Treasure, and is the key to The Song of Dragons.

In-Game Description

In the diver's notebook, the area is described:

No one knows when these ancient ruins were built, but they have many features in common with structures built around 1350 BC during the New Kingdom period of Egyptian history. The ruins may have been built by ancient seafaring people known as the Okeanides, who were dying out and wanted to protect the Pacifica Treasure by burying it with their last queen. There are indicators that the buildings were constructed on land and then deliberately sunk by some unknown means.

Depth: 185 feet

The ruins of this ancient temple are the stuff of legend. It's the archaeological find of the century.

Area Statistics

Fish: 3 stars

Magnification Spots: 3 stars

Coral: 1 star

Large Creatures: 2 stars

Salvage Locations: 4 stars

Stone Cavern Entrance and the Eastern Hallways

This cave in a large chamber underneath the Zahhab Region is the entrance to the Cavern of the Gods. After your first trip through, a large rock falls on the entrance, blocking it until you have enough money to excavate it. After reopening the Cavern, the eastern hallways are patrolled by opahs. Striped white sea slugs and sea gooseberries are found in zoom-in spots here.

The Altars

Altar of Nephthys

This altar underneath the Pillars of Light is home to many species of fish, mainly an ocean sunfish. There are also purple tang in here. It is also the resting place of Pandora's Box.

Altar of Osiris

The altar of the God of the Underworld is underneath the Pillars of Light and opposite the Altar of Nephthys. The Sage's Stone is found here, and the room is filled with purple tang, atlantic tarpon and polka-dot ribbonfish.


An innocent purple tang swimming about

Altar of Horus and the Subterranean Reception Room

The altar of the Sky God is under the Pillars of Shadow. You find the Orichalum Ingot and the Oppiochius Coin here. There are also lots of young golden spadefish in this altar. The statue in here slides forward, revealing the Subterrenean Reception Room. It is the very lowest room in the entire Cavern of the Gods. The floor is covered with japanese spider crabs, and the Eris Coin can be found in a zoom-in spot with some cinderella sea slugs.

Altar of Isis

Opposite the Altar of Horus, this altar is under the Pillars of Shadow. You reach it by swimming up through the other hole in the ceiling of the Subterrenean Reception Room. When you come here after reopening the Cavern of the Gods, you meet a young giant squid called Kraken Jr. He is speculated to be the son of the giant squid in the Zahhab Region Depths, and it is jokingly said that "he moved out once he was old enough".

Western Hallways

Patrolled by great sturgeons after you've reopened, you can enter the Pillars of Shadow from here. You'll have to push a mechanism on the wall, and then the Doors of Shadow will open.

Pillars of Shadow

This enormous room is ten stories high and full of coelocanths. After you've reopened, goblin sharks can be found here at night and a special coelocanth moves in.

You reach the Celestial Mausoleum through a door at the top.

Celestial Mausoleum

This is the location of a fight--you fight three goblin sharks, one of which being Okeanos's Guardian. When you've activated the statues in the mausoleum, the doors open. The goblin sharks then flee and a Singing Dragon swims in. When you turn a pedstal in the center of the room, the Singing Dragons take this as a command. They bang their heads against pillars, one banging its' head on a door in the Mausoleum, revealing...

The Treasure Room

As its name suggests, the room is a golden room with the Pacifica Treasure. It is the final resting place of the Pacifica Treasure and the last queen of the Okeanides. You also find the Ocean Treasure in this room after it is reopened.

Pillars of Light

The ten-story-high room opposite the Pillars of Shadow is full of Singing Dragons and Commerson's Dolphins. This is where you make your escape in the first trip to the Cavern of the Gods. The Serpens Coin is found on the floor here.


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