The Chamaeleon Coin is a Constellation Coin that can be found in Endless Ocean: Blue World. The player can find this coin in Ciceros Strait's Valka Castle at coordinates A-3, inside of the Armory. The coin is found under a zoom-mode patch to the South of the room.


  • Of course, this constellation is named after the chameleon, a kind of lizard, though it is spelled slightly differently.
  • In Chinese astronomy, the stars in the constellation Chamaeleon are associated with the constellation known as Little Dipper (Xiǎodǒu), which is an entirely different constellation than Ursa Minor, which has gained the nickname "Little Dipper" in North America.
  • There is also a genus of flowering plants named Chamaeleon (more commonly known as the genus Carlina), as well as an ancient Greek philosopher named Chamaeleon, who was one of Aristotle's immediate disciples.

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