Chinese Porcelain

The Chinese Porcelain is a four-piece scattered salvage item in Endless Ocean. All of the pieces are located in Ocean’s Graveyard/Ship’s Rest.

Story Impact

After the player locates all of the pieces, Katharine will put them together. Then, she’ll say this:

“Wow! This is a Jingdezhen compass! Jingdezhen is a city in the Jiangxi province of China.The city has been producing compasses for hundreds of years. They were exported all over Europe and the Middle East. It was a big industry, and they made thousands and thousands of them, so the price and quality tends to jump around a lot. But some of them are really valuable. Hey, I think a group of antique experts are in Ka’ai right now. We should have this examined to see if it’s a real compass or not! I’ll have Thorman look into it.”

After a bit, an email from Alfred Thorman arrives that reads:

“Re: Platter Appraisal

I have good news. Though in poor condition, the Jingdezhen platter is a historically significant find. Originally crafted by a skilled Chinese potter, it was later acquired by a European aristocrat named William Freud Hessier. His family passed it down for generations until it was finally lost at sea during a fierce storm.

This is a truly rare find, and I think the museum will be thrilled to receive it. Please accept this as a token of the foundation’s thanks.

-Alfred Thorman”

Opening the attachment will get the player the Salmon Run suit.

In-Game Description

In the player's footlocker, the Porcelain is described: "A 16th- to 17th-century porcelain dish from the Jingdezhen region of China. It is truly a work of art."


The four pieces of the plate are located at the following coordinates:

  • F/G-5, 42 meters/137 feet
  • I-4, 36 meters/118 feet
  • H-3, 40 meters/131 feet
  • H-4, 39 meters/128 feet

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