The Chub Mackerel is a small, schooling fish with the scientific name Scomber Japonicus. It is found in both games of the Endless Ocean Series.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

"Chub Mackerel sport narrow, spindle-shaped body with light-blue backs and white bellies. They can be seen swimming in schools all over Mania Lai during the fall and spring."

Endless Ocean 2

"This fish can be identified by its blue back and rippled pattern. It inhabits temperate and subtropical climates and migrates seasonally in large groups. It preys on small animals and fish and is in turn preyed upon by larger ones.

[Eat With Caution!]

The chub mackerel can contain the parasite anisakis. If eaten uncooked, it can cause stomach aches and nausea. However, it can be eaten after being suitably frozen or heated to ensure the parasite has been destroyed. The parasite that infects fish is a larva whose adult form infects whales and dolphins." 


Endless Ocean

They can be found swimming in schools. An easy-to-find shoal is found in the Central Hall of Marige Atoll, both in the daytime and nighttime.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be found all over Gatama Atoll, scattered about in quick-moving shoals.


The Chub Mackerel swims about with the others in its school. These fish respond well to food, like most other forms of small marine life. As a matter of fact, the player can use food in order to obtain this creature's trivia in Endless Ocean: Blue World.


  • Another common name for this creature is the Pacific Mackerel. Sometimes, its two common names are combined to make its third common name, the Pacific Chub Mackerel. However, it is also known to fishermen as the Hardhead.
  • Fossils of this fish have been found in Italy that date back to roughly three million years ago.


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