The Cleaner Wrasse is a small fish that only appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"With its metallic blue tail and distinctive black stripe along its side, it earns its name by clinging and cleaning up food debris and other parasites. Even quick-tempered fish such as the Moray Eel do not attack and instead calmly allow this fish to clean them.

[Underwater Imposter]

There is another fish, called the False Cleanerfish, that not only looks like the cleaner wrasse, but moves just like it as well. Other fish let their guard down when it approaches, thinking they will be cleaned, but instead it takes a bite out of them and rapidly escapes."


Endless Ocean 2


They cling close to other, larger fish, presumably cleaning them.

Fish They Clean

  • Gatama Atoll: They are attached to the Humphead Wrasses, day and night
  • Deep Hole: The Ocean Sunfish has one (daytime only).
  • Ciceros Strait: They are attached to the Kidako Morays (day and night).
  • Zahhab Depths: One is attached to the Ocean Sunfish (night only).
  • CotG: They are attached to the Ocean Sunfish and some Opahs (day and night).


These do appear in the original Endless Ocean, albeit without an entry in the marine encyclopedia.


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