The Cloudy Catshark is a somewhat small species of shark with a grey-and-white pattern on its skin.

In-Game Description

"The cloudy catshark has a fairly wide head, with long and narrow slit like eyes. There is also a detailed pattern on its body.

Females sometimes have bite wounds on their bodies. This is because, while mating, the male bites the female in order to position its body.

[Soft Centered]

Rays and sharks, including this species, are members of the subclass elasmobranchii, whose skeletal structures are composed of cartilage. Because cartilage does not fossilise well, only the hard teeth are found in fossils of cartilaginous fish, and whole bodies are almost never discovered."


Endless Ocean

The Cloudy Catshark is commonly seen between the "tines" of Knives Reef.

Endless Ocean 2

These small sharks can be seen only in two areas. First, in Ciceros Strait, around coordinates E-1/4, G-1/8, F-4, and H-7/8, and secondly, in Valka Castle, around the B-3 coordinate to the Northwest (in the King's Chamber).


The Cloudy Catshark swims relatively slowly along the ocean floor, meandering about among other Catsharks or with other fish. they swim a little more quickly when poked or petted.

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