The Clown Wrasse (also known as the Yellowtail Coris) is a coral reef fish found in both games.

In-Game Description

"This beautiful fish goes from orange at the head to dark blue at its tail and is covered in pale blue specks.

Young fish are red with black-rimmed white stripes. The blue specks on adult fish become smaller over time, and the pattern eventually disappears."


Endless Ocean

Small groups of the Clown Wrasse can be found in coral-filled areas.

Endless Ocean 2

These small fish are mostly found in Ciceros Strait and Valka Castle.


These mainly swim above coral in small, slow-moving groups. They respond positively to food and being stroked.


  • The graphics on this fish have changed in Endless Ocean 2, in a similar manner to the Bicolour Parrotfish.


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