Coliseum 1

In this photo, the Mouth of Truth, a group of Japanese Eagle Rays, some dolphins and the Ocean Sunfish can be seen.

The Coliseum is the sandy and rocky area that surrounds the Mouth of Truth in the Deep Hole area, accessed through Endless Ocean: Blue World's Gatama Atoll map. The area is populated by groups of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and Japanese Eagle Rays. In the area directly above the Mouth of Truth, a single Ocean Sunfish swims about, and at night the legendary Apollo appears in its place. As well as Apollo, once the player had freed the Pygmy Sperm Whale from the cave at the bottom of Deep Hole, it can be seen swimming above.
Coliseum 2

In-Game Description

Found in the centre of the Deep Hole area, this landmark's amazing sights include majestic pods of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and Japanese Eagle Rays. The heart of the Coliseum contains a great chasm whose inner layers are home to a host of marine life.


  • When given a photo request for the Coliseum, user Logo8th reports that a surefire way to complete this request with an A rank goes as follows: First, travel to where the Coliseum is located on the map. Swim as if you are going to get on the rocks behind where the Coliseum is located on the map, then turn and look toward Deep Hole. Get out the camera, and take a picture as far zoomed out as it will go.

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