Comb Reef 1

Comb Reef (Knives Reef in the European version of the game) is a landmark located in Western Manoa Lai in Endless Ocean.

Local Life

Epaulette sharks and octopi can be found in between the "comb teeth". A small, hard to find hole in the rock contains a kidako moray, who is often accompanied by a cleaner wrasse. A pod of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins can be seen swimming nearby. On top of the reef, several Crown-of-Thorns Starfish can be found exploring the green plate corals found there.

Location and Geography

Comb Reef can be found at coordinates D-4/5. Just to the East, the area known as the Entryway Slope can be found. Heading to the West and down the side of the Great Drop-Off will lead the player to the area known as Hidden Field.

The Shark's Tooth Necklace is found in between the comb teeth.