Coral cod 1

Coral Cod/ Miniata Grouper
Type of animal: Fish
Species: Cephalopholis miniata
Length: 1 ft 2 in
What it looks like: A bright red fish
Location: Zahhab Region
Forms: Adult only

The Coral Cod (Miniata Grouper in the second game) is a small coral fish that is orange

In Game Descirption

"Adults are red with blue polka dots, but young fish are a vibrant orange with the polka-dot pattern not yet present. Although it allows its body to be cleaned by small prawns, it is highly territorial and will even attack other of the species if they approach."


Endless Ocean- These can be found all over the Manoa Lai Sea in autumn

Endless Ocean 2- Under the name minata grouper, these can be found swimming over coral in the Zahhab Region.


They just swim around in both games. However, a few can be found near the Orca Pair (D-7) in the second game.


They can be found both day and night.


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