Coral Forest

The Coral Forest is an area crowded with unique, columnar coral formations that somewhat resemble trees in a forest, giving the area its name.

Local Life

This location is home to plenty of small fish, like Pyramid Butterflyfish, Sailfin Tang, and Emperor Angelfish. Alongside these swim some more medium-sized species, like several Bicolour Parrotfish and two to three Humphead Wrasses, one of which lives near the entrance to the nearby Lagoon. The Coral Forest is also where the player befriends the Bottlenose Dolphin they first encounter in Blue Hall (Blue Holes).

Location and Geography

Centered around coordinates K-2, the Coral Forest is the area that the player finds themselves in upon exiting the nearby Lagoon, which is located just to the Northeast. To the Southwest lies Triple Steps, and to the Southeast lies the Blue Hall.

The entrance to Rowa's Jewel Box (The Gem Chest of Loa) is in the Coral Forest.