The Corona Australis coin is found in the Weddell Sea at co-ordinates C-2. The coin's "blip" is located on the underwater "shelf" close to the surface on the largest iceberg. This shelf is accessible by swimming South from C-1 or West from D-2, near the surface. The blip also contains 2-3 Sea Angels.


  • The constellation engraved on this coin has a name that translates to "southern crown" in Latin. It is the counterpart to Corona Borealis, the "northern crown".
  • In ancient Chinese astronomy, the stars of this coin's constellation were located within the "Black Turtle" constellation.
  • The Corona Australis constellation is a rather small one, and in the night sky, it is bordered by Sagittarius to the north, Scorpius to the west, Telescopium to the south, and Ara to the southwest.

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