View of Cortica River from the E. Sandbank

The Cortica River, located in South America, is the fifth available location to explore in Endless Ocean 2 and the first freshwater location in the series. It is home to a numerous amount of unique species not found anywhere else including Alligator Gars, Red Piranhas, Arapaimas, and Electric Eels.

In-Game Description

"The Cortica River is a medium-sized river that flows eastard from its source in northeastern Brazil.


A fish from cortica river

It merges with the Amazon at longitude 53° west, which then empties into the Atlantic. Its location means that the Cortica River's ecosystem is very similar to that of the Amazon.

Even in Brazil, where the rivers are being actively developed, there are parts of the river basin that have never been explored. There was a sensationn when ancient ruins were discovered there two or three years ago."

Diving Locations

The two dive locations are located in the Midstream section of the river.

  • Midstream (starting location, C4)
  • To River Upstream (C1)

Cortica River Midstream

Perilous Waters

"This southeastern area of the Cortica River Midstream was

Approaching the Perilous Waters

given its name because of the great number of piranhas that swim here. Would anyone actually go diving here?"

This section of the river (C3-D3) contains "dangerous" Red Piranhas. They are mainly a passive fish, and you can easily distract them by dropping pellets of food for them as you swim.

Eastern Sandbank

After swimming north through the piranha-filled waters, you will see an "island" ahead which is the Eastern Sandbank, one of two such places where you can go ashore. In the narrow channels to the north and south of these sandbanks, many Spectacled Caiman adults and young swim. Equip and use the pulsar, because the adults want to protect their young!

Western Sandbank

Extremely similar to the Eastern Sandbank,

earned a magazine cover!

but a slightly different selection of animal life may appear here. The Sandbanks are locations that may occur as photo requests, and the photo to the left earned an 'A' grade for the "Western Sandbank (underwater)."

Queen's Lake

This area, south of the west end of the Western Sandbank, is originally blocked by a large logjam and debris.

view of Queen's Lake from below

You need a special companion to unblock the mess to explore inside. Once there, you will find this tranquil lake mainly populated by Amazonian Manatees with the occasional Caiman and small fish. A Legendary creature will also appear there under certain conditions.

Mangrove Maze

"This northern part of the Cortica River Midstream is full of giant Arapaimas weaving their way through dense

denizens of the Mangrove Maze

growths of mangroves. The riverbed is full of electric eels, so divers must exercise extreme caution."

There is no highly effective way to control the electric eels. The sea whistle seems to confuse them a bit but does not drive them fully away. Swim carefully to avoid them.

Cortica River Upstream

"The Cortica River is stagnant and sedimented, but it gradually clears as you move upriver.

There you can find Spirit Falls, whose impressive curtain of cascading water assures you it is no illusion. Although the water above the falls is murky, the water in the basin below is crystal clear.

There is a local legend that says spirits live in the waterfall, ad that if you go fishing while they sing, you are guaranteed a great catch."

Spirit Falls

The waterfall that cascades over the ruins.

King Amaru's Aqueduct

The passageway that connects Spirit Falls to Twilight Temple.

Twilight Temple

The name of the cavern and the building found behind Spirit Falls.

Sacrificial Well

A circular stone well located at the center of the Twilight Temple cavern.

Sacred Chamber

The only room accessible in the Twilight Temple building. A bunch of Dorados swim inside it. This is where the Cortica Slate is found. The El Dorado tesure rumor can also be found here. A certain Legendary Creature will come out of here after finding something in the Zahhab Region .

Forge Ruins

The "Forge Ruins" area is located in the Twilight Temple cavern.


View of Forge Ruins, facing south, SW corner of Twilight Temple

There is nothing of note to see here other than a wide, low cave. If you swim to the wall south of the temple building in square D2 southwest, the title "Forge Ruins" should display on your screen.

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