Hi! I'm Redsky. I'd like to say a thing or two about an amazing glitch in Cortica Upstream.

1. Go to Cortica and go to Spirit Falls (with your dolphin)

2. Go up to the left wall next to the falls, as close to the wall and the Falls as you can.

3. Surface. If there is a glitchy gap in the wall showing the sky, you did it right.

4. Go back under; your head should be behind the side of the river. Swim forward into the wall.

5. You should go right outside the map! Go as far down or out as you want.

6. To bring your dolphin with you, get it as close to the wall as you can.

7. Touch it and go to the ride dolphin mode.

8. It will now be outside with you.

9. Have fun!

ps if this doesn't work you did something wrong. Go to youtube, where I found a video for it labeled, endless ocean 2 glitch in Cortica, or something like that.


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