The Corvus Coin is a Constellation Coin found in Ciceros Strait’s Valka Castle area in Endless Ocean: Blue World, at coordinates C-3, right in the middle of the Mermaid’s Ballroom. In its zoom-mode patch, a pair of Luminescent Sea Slugs make their homes.


  • The name of this constellation is the Latin word for "raven" or "crow".
  • One myth associated with the Corvus constellation is that of Apollo and Coronis. Corvus brought the information that Coronis had been unfaithful to Apollo, her lover, and in a fit of rage, Apollo turned the bird's feathers black.
  • Another myth associated with Corvus is that of the cup and the snake: on its way to fetch water for Apollo, the bird stopped to eat figs, but lied to Apollo and said that a great serpent had kept it from the water, holding a random snake in its talons as "proof". Apollo saw past the bird's lie and flung the three things into the sky- the cup, Crater, the snake, Hydrus, and the bird, Corvus- and ensured that the bird would always be thirsty, with the cup just out of its reach, even in the night sky.

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