The Cowtail Stingray is a species of ray with a distinctive tail, which it was named after. It has the alternate name of Cowtail Whipray.

In-Game Description

"Its tail has a large frill-like piece of skin hanging from it and a poisonous stinger at the end. It lives on the seafloor where it buries itself in the sand with just its eyes sticking out.

[Breathing on the Seabed]

This ray has large breathing holes near its eyes, on the upper surface of its body. They take in water and pass it to the gills to give the ray the oxygen it needs to breathe. These holes are on the upper side so that sand is not taken in with the water."


Endless Ocean

A relatively small group of these creatures is found in an area off to the side of Sunshine Beach.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be found in Ciceros Strait around H-6 and G-8, in the South Canyon area.


They stay in a loose group, swimming close to the ocean floor.


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