Crowned sea horse

Crowned Seahorse
Type of animal: Sea horse
Species: Hippocampus coronatus
Length: 10 cm/4 in
What it looks like: A scaly dragon with a curly tail
Location: Coral reefs
Forms: Adult only

The Crowned Seahorse is the most common type of Seahorse

In-Game Description

"This seahorse has a long, slender body and a tubular mouth, and is covered in hard bony plates that create ridges all over its body.

It may not look like a fish, but it is classed as one. It is a weak swimmer, so it lives in areas with gentle currents and anchors itself to seaweed with its tail."

Male Pregnancy

The male has a sack known as a brood pouch on his abdomen. The female lays her eggs into this pouch and the male cares for the eggs until they start to hatch. Then he anchors his tail to seaweed and shakes his body furiously, giving birth to about 70 offspring, one at a time.


Endless Ocean

These can be found all over coral reefs, usually found with a Threadfin Butterflyfish.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be found A-1, B-1, 2 and 3 in Ciceros Strait


These are only found under coral glows, either 1 or 2 of them, usually along with other creatures.


  • These can be found day and night in both games.
  • This is one of GG's favorite creatures.

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