Crystal globe 1

The Crystal Globe is the first room within the hollow interior of Special Iceberg A-sm16p, which is accessed through Lower Ice Cave 3.

Local Life

The only creature that makes its home in the Crystal Globe is a single Leopard Seal that makes a slow circuit of the room. Other than that, there are no other forms of life in the Globe itself - however, in the adjacent hallway that leads to the Hall of Radiance, there are several zoom-mode spots that contain several various small creatures, such as Sea Angels and Hydromyles Globulosa.

Location and Geography

The Crystal Globe is the first room the player will come across when entering the Iceberg Cavern from Lower Ice Cave 3, which is located in the Southern side of Special Iceberg A-sm16p. A large crack that nearly bisects the Iceberg leads directly to it.

A passageway in the back of the Globe leads to the Hall of Radiance, but in order to gain access to this passageway, the player must blow the Sea Whistle near the entryway in order to enrage the Globe's aforementioned resident Leopard Seal into ramming a formation of ice crystals that are blocking the way. This will break the ice crystals, and the Leopard Seal will continue its rounds around the Globe without further engaging the player as soon as the ice is broken.


  • Crystal Globe, as seen from the entrance.
  • The tunnel leading out of the Globe, with some of the broken ice crystals easily visible to the left of the entrance.
  • A closer view of the ice crystals, snapped by the leopard seal ramming into them with its head.