The Crystal Jelly (Belt Jellyfish in the European version) is a small jellyfish that makes an appearance in both Endless Ocean games.

In-Game Description

"Its soft, pale, dome-shaped umbrella is fringed with over one hundred tentacles and has a mouth in the center that can be spread wide to swallow other jellyfish whole. It drifts at dozens of feet below the surface.


This is the largest of all jellyfish in the order leptomedusae, and it shines with a bluish white light when stimulated. It was recently discovered that this luminescent substance could be used to measure calcium density, and the researchers who made this discovery were awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry."


Endless Ocean

These are found under glows around Deep Valley at night, and sometimes under glows in the Ocean's Graveyard.

Endless Ocean 2

In the second game, these are found all around the lower areas of Deep Hole, under zoom-mode glows.


These jellyfish float around benignly, glowing occassionally. They respond well to being fed, and glow upon being poked or petted.


  • They are often easier to find in the second game than in the first, mostly due to the overall improvements in the ability of the player to see zoom-mode patches from the first to the second game, but also because they are more common.

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