Fighter Wreckage

The Fighter Wreckage is a small, unassuming landmark that is found in Endless Ocean (its name in the European release of the game being Debris of Crashed Plane, far less concise than the North American one). It is located within the vicinity of the Sunken Ship in Ocean's Graveyard, to the south of the main ship. It has many Bowmouth Guitarfish around and inside it, and some Bering Wolffish in it's engine cowls and other nooks and crannys. During the day, it has great whites patrolling above it, but at night these are replaced by Pelagic Thresher Sharks. Magu Tapa swims near it on his rounds at night, and Octopi can be seen in a hole next to the fuselage. Nearby, a piece of the Gold Artifact can be found.

Although this plane is called a "fighter", is really a four engined bomber, passenger plane, or transport plane.