Deep Hole is a location in Gatama Atoll. The entrance to this area is in the south of the main map at E-7.

In-Game Description

Located south of Gatama Atoll, this is the largest crater in the Pelago seas. Viewed from above, the area is instantly recognizable as a circle of deep dark blue within the lighter blue of the surrounding waves. A thick forest of kelp conceals the area, and its complex terrain makes it a site best left to seasoned divers. However, those brave enough to make the journey to this little-known spot are rewarded with sights of ethereal beauty that few will ever witness.

Depth: 100 feet

Area Statistics

Fish: 4 stars

Magnification Spots: 4 stars

Coral: 2 star

Large Creatures: 2 stars

Salvage Locations: 4 stars

Deep Hole Entrance

Though this area is not in the Deep Hole map itself, and is instead in Gatama Atoll, this area is (rather obviously) a passageway between two sandbanks that the player goes through to reach Deep Hole itself. Rocks scatter the seafloor and house corals and small fish that live among them, and a pair of Humphead Wrasses patrol the area.

Kelp Tunnel

Kelp Tunnel is named, rather obviously, for the forest of kelp growing there, housing many small fish, and, hidden among the plants, like Leafy Seadragons. The 'Tunnel' part of the name comes from the hallway-like configuration, with rock walls on either side closing you in as you swim through it to Deep Hole. At night Bigfin Reef Squid are found swimming here. You can also see Blue Tang and Sailfin Tang.


The Coliseum is the large, sandy area that encircles the Mouth of Truth. It is home to large groups of Japanese Eagle Rays and several smaller fish, as well as zoom-mode spots that house fish like Orange and Black Sea Slugs and Stocky Anthiases.

Mouth of Truth

This area is the title applied to the opening the leads to the one-hundred-foot drop of Deep Hole, as well as the first level of the inner chasm itself. Here, the entrance to the Giant's Grotto and the Serpent's Lair can be found, as well as the entrance to Deep Dome, the deepest level of Deep Hole.

The area is inhabited by a pod of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins that swim about above it, an Ocean Sunfish, and an aggressive Tiger Shark (but only at night). As well as the Tiger Shark only appearing at night, the legendary golden sunfish Apollo only appears at night, replacing the normal Sunfish that lives here during the day.

In a mission that occurs early in the storyline, Oceana goes to Deep Hole to find a pendant that she dropped there as a child (which turns out to be a piece of the legendary Dragon Flute) and ends up getting trapped in this area by an angry Tiger Shark that the player must calm down with the Pulsar.

Giant's Grotto

One of the smaller caves inside the Deep Hole. This one contains a Giant Grouper, though smaller than the one in the Mouth Of Truth.

Serpent's Lair

The Serpent's Lair is a location at the bottom of Deep Hole in Endless Ocean 2. The only animal that can be found in it is the Ribbon Moray. This is the location of the one-time salvage item Trident Ring.

Deep Dome

Deep Dome is the deepest of two levels of Deep Hole. Within it, you will find, most notably, a cave blocked off by a pile of rocky rubble. When you move this rubble with the help of a dolphin partner (from a saltwater area), you will release a trapped Pygmy Sperm Whale. Along with this, a multitude of Pineconefish and a few Singular Bannerfish (under zoom-mode spots) can be found as well.

Hidden Cavern

The Hidden Cavern is a small chamber in Deep Dome at the bottom of Deep Hole. It is blocked off by a boulder, and contains a Pygmy Sperm Whale trapped inside. This rock can be moved with the help of a dolphin, and the whale can be seen swimming around Deep Dome from then on.


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