Deep Hole Entrance is, as is made obvious by its name, the entrance to Deep Hole, located in the southern part of Gatama Atoll.


The Entrance is a shallow gap in between two large sandbanks that stretch all the way to Blue Cliff and to Private Reef Entrance. It has two large, flat groups of coral with several zoom-in spots, and a patch of sandy seafloor.

Deep Hole Entrance

A view of the gap in the sandbanks.


Large Sea Life

Shoals of Speckled Butterflyfish, Moorish Idol and Emperor Angelfish swim around the entrance, broken up by the occasional Bower's Parrotfish. A Marbled Ray swims lazily along the sea floor. The entrance is known for the resident pair of Humphead Wrasses that swim around the entrance, being cleaned by busy Cleaner Wrasse. Shoals of Starck's Demoiselle are found both in and out of the zoom-mode patches.

Zoom-In Spots

Yellowtail Clownfish and juvenile Emperor Angelfish compose the main life in the zoom-mode spots around this area, while the occasional Rippled Rockskipper can be seen in cracks and crevices in the rocks.

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