Deity Idol

The Deity Idol is a scattered salvage treasure in Endless Ocean. In-game, the description text of the completed item in the footlocker aboard the Gabbiano says: "A figure representing a mysterious, grotesque deity. It exudes a dark and ominous air."


There are four scattered pieces of the Idol, all of them in Marige Atoll (Mo-ia Atoll):

  • E-4 at 21 meters, or 68 feet
  • E-3 at 19 meters, or 62 feet
  • E-6 at 21 meters, or 68 feet
  • I-2 at 14 meters, or 46 feet


After finding each piece of the Idol, the player will receive a piece of mail from "404 ERROR Sender Unknown". There are a total of five pieces of mail, one for each of the four parts of the Idol and a final one that is sent when all the pieces are gathered.


"So you found the idol?

Then woe, woe, WOE unto you!

His curse is after you. His curse may already be IN you.

Your palms will sweat! Your eyes will shake! The unstoppable terror within will turn your hair whiter than white!

You ask of who I am? It is of no matter.

...It is of no matter."


"We know you found the idol. This is your only warning.


That idol is cursed by an ancient evil, a remnant of the dark god that ruled during Paleolithic times.

Look within it... Feel the fear... A fear so intense it will turn your hair WHITE!

You ask who I am? It is of no matter. Destroy the idol...

Before it destroys YOU!"


"We know you found the idol.

You still have time.

You must escape before He finds you!

Hang silver sheets on every wall of your room.

This is no joke.

The fear is real.

The fear is VERY REAL.

You ask who I am? It is of no matter.

Just do as I say!"


"So you found the idol...

Have you heard His voice yet?

It's the voice of darkness. The voice of terror. The voice of madness itself!

That terror will spread to all living beings. The terror will devour you and turn your hair whiter than white!

So who am I?

...That's not important."

THE END IS HERE! (is received when idol is completed)

"The idol has been recovered. But you are too late! You will taste the terror and your hair will go white!



...Ooooooo...this is no good.





He's watching us. Watching BOTH of us.

Wait... He's here! Help me! Help me plea"


  • Similar items can be salvaged in Endless Ocean: Blue World. They are called Primitive Idols, and bear both visual and affectual similarities to the Deity Idol. However, they do not have much of an impact on the storyline as the Deity Idol does.
  • The head of the Deity Idol seems to bear a superficial resemblance to the shape of a Horseshoe Crab's body.