the Delphinus Coin is one of the 100 coins found in Endless Ocean Blue World as part of the Voice of the Night Sky quest. This coin can be found at coordinates D-3 in Ciceros Strait, near the Wreck of the Demeter and Amphitrite's Sanctuary. Within this coin's zoom-mode spot are also a pair of juvenile Clown Triggerfish.

In-Game Description

"A gold coin engraved with the constellation Delphinus. In folklore, dolphins are envoys of sea god Poseidon."


  • In real life, Delphinus is a constellation in the Northern sky and is close to the celestial equator.
  • The mythology following this constellation is about Poseidon wanting to marry the beautiful nymph Amphitrite, but she fled to the mountains. Poseidon sent searchers after her, Delphinus among them. Therefore, the location of this coin makes sense when paired with its mythos, as it is found near the sanctuary of Amphitrite. Perhaps Delphinus was still looking for Amphitrite.
  • In the night sky, Delphinus is bordered by several constellations:

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