Spirit House (inside)

The small rock that adorns the floor of the Den.

The Den of Spirits (called the Spirit House in the North American release of the game) is a small, hidden landmark that is not marked on the player's map. It can be found in the first Endless Ocean game.

Local Life

Living within this small cave are many small fish, including Green Chromis, Teardrop Butterflyfish, Yellow Tang, Moorish Idols, Oriental Butterflyfish, and Longnose Butterflyfish. There are three zoom-mode spots in the coral adorning the center rock on the floor of Spirit House, and these contain an Oblong Goby, a Yellow Clown Goby, a Red-Spotted Goby, and a Five-Lined Coral Goby. Above the upper entrance, Emperor Angelfish and Longnose Butterflyfish can be seen swimming about.

There is a large amount of distinctive, soft pink corals adorning the walls of the Den. This type of coral isn't found in very many places in-game, but some other places where it can be found include the Bond of Creation and Mermaid Grotto .

Spirit House Entrance

One of the entrances to the Den.

Location and Geography

The Den of Spirits can be found slightly to the north of Rock Bluff, at coordinates H-3. There are two entrances to the Den; one of them is on the Eastern side of the rock formation that contains the Den, and one of them is on top of the cave.

In the Den of Spirits, one of the four pieces of the scattered Storyboard treasure is found, under a zoom-mode patch right next to the central rock.