Dolphin partners

In both Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean 2, the player is able to befriend dolphins in order to get help from them in multiple tasks, like discovering treasures, and creatures under zoom-mode spots.

In the first game, the player can choose only three out of eight available species (because the Narwhal, Spectacled Porpoise, and Amazon River Dolphin do not appear in the first game) to have as partners. The first partner the player can obtain is a Bottlenose Dolphin that had somehow become separated from its pod and became confused, because its echolocation was befuddled by the shallow waters of the Lagoon and Coral Forest. The player helps get it to deeper waters and thus gains its trust, meaning that the player will always have at least one dolphin partner all throughout the game.

To befriend dolphins in the first game, the player must simply find the dolphin they want to befriend (any individual of the species, anyway), and learn as much about it as they can (unlocking each of the three information slots) and then continue to behave as if they are still learning about it; that is, continue to feed it, pet it, use the sea whistle on it as much as possible until, when they return to the boat, Catherine will note that a dolphin has come to the back deck of the boat to see the player, at which point the player can choose if they want to keep the dolphin, and, if they do indeed keep the dolphin as their partner, a name for their new friend.

The dolphins in the first game can also learn tricks, but not as specific or as easy to train as they are in the second game. They player can train these tricks by using the Sea Whistle off of the back dock of the Gabbiano.

In Endless Ocean: Blue World, the player can befriend a total of eleven species. However, unlike in the first game, the player cannot befriend just any specimen, and instead must follow specific steps in order to befriend certain individuals from each species, every one of which has certain defining morphological aspects:

Tricks (Endless Ocean 2)

Your dolphins will learn six tricks, and some can be upgraded into better and more complex tricks after leveling up. To train these tricks, call your dolphin partner to you using the Dolphin Bell on Nineball Island.

Level One Tricks

All dolphins learn the same tricks at level one:

Jump/flip - Your dolphin jumps in the air.

Sing - Your dolphin sings a song.

Backflip - Your dolphin does a small backflip.

Wave - Your dolphin wiggles its fins at you while floating sideways, which makes it appear to be waving.

Spin Jump - Your dolphin does a vertical jump.

Tail Walk - Your dolphin does a tail walk.

Level Two Tricks

All dolphins learn the same tricks at level two:

Advanced Jump/Flip - Your dolphin does a larger jump, while flipping faster.

Sing - Your dolphin sings a different song than the level one song.

Advanced Backflip - Your dolphin performs a bigger backflip, while flipping faster.

Wave - Nothing changes with the wave trick.

High Spin Jump - Your dolphin does a higher spin jump, while spinning faster.

Tail Walk - Nothing changes with the tail walk.

Level Three Tricks

Some tricks may be replaced by a special trick. These are the defaults:

Super Jump/Flip - Your dolphin does an even larger jump, while flipping even faster.

Sing - Your dolphin sings a different song.

Super Backflip - Your dolphin performs an even larger backflip, while flipping even faster.

Wave - Nothing changes.

Corkscrew - Your dolphin performs an even higher spin jump, while spinning rapidly.

Tail Walk - No changes.

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