Doughnut reef

Doughnut Reef is a location in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

Local Life

Doughnut Reef is home to the only group of West Indian Manatees in the game. It is also home to several shoals of smaller fish, like Starck's Demoiselle, as well as zoom-mode spots containing even smaller fish. However, the Manatees are arguably the main attraction to the area.

Location and Geography

Doughnut Reef is small area in the Northeastern section of Gatama Atoll, located at coordinates G-2. It is not a location that the player can dive from, but it is a comparably significant area. To the South, the player can find the entrance to the Private Reef, and further south is the Cabbage Patch.


  • Doughnut Reef is a microatoll, meaning that it can be seen above water when the tide recedes. Despite this definition, there is never a time in-game that the player can observe this phenomenon occurring.
  • The shape of the formations in this area are actually just circles, as most doughnuts have holes in the middle. However, some doughnuts do not, and Doughnut Reef is a more entertaining name than just "Circle Reef" anyway.
  • In reality, a place like Doughnut Reef would not be home to West Indian manatees, as they tend to prefer shallow waters with lots of vegetation, and because manatees are native to the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and Florida rather than the South Pacific.