Drift Ice

A view of the diving spot.

The Drift Ice is the only dive location in the North Coast of Canada in Endless Ocean: Blue World. From here, the player can access the entire explorable area.

When the player first enters the water in this area, they are greeted by bearded seals (replaced by steller sea lions at night), capelin, chinook salmon, and atlantic bluefin tuna. In the distance, a group of ribbon seals can be observed. At night, the player can also find a pair of Blue Whales in the area, swimming at a depth of roughly ninety feet.

Ice Holes

Southern Hole: This hole in the ice lies directly south of the Ice Mosaic. It is populated by harp seals by day, who are replaced by spotted seals by night. Going ashore at night greets the player with the harp seals and their pups. Bearded seals with their pups are seen ashore by day.

Southwest Hole: This hole is in the very southwest of the North Coast of Canada. It is frequented by a pod of roughly five or six Belugas.

Northern Hole: This hole is the farthest north of all the holes. One of the greenland sharks in the area swims nearby, so caution is advised. Going ashore leads to a group of walruses.

Northwest Hole: This hole is slightly southeast of the Northern Hole. It is a little ways north from the Ice Mosaic. It is frequented by razorbills by day, who leave at night. If the player goes ashore here, they will find Polar Bears and their cubs.

Eastern Hole: This hole is to the east of the Ice Mosaic. A pod of Narwhals makes their home around this ice hole, and a pair of Greenland Sharks patrols the area, so caution is advised. Going ashore lets the player see a small group of Sea Otters.

Southeast Hole: This ice hole is the one nearest to where the player first enters the water. It is frequented by ribbon seals swimming around it, and the zoom-mode spots in this area are home to Sea Angels and Atlantic Spiny Lumpsuckers.

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