The Dusky Batfish is a small species of fish (with the scientific name Platax Pinnatus) seen in Endless Ocean 2.

In-Game Description

"Young fish are around two inches and black with a bright orange tint around the edges. their large fins flex gracefully as they swim through the water. the features of young fish disappear in mature fish as they become plain silver and their fins become smaller."


The Dusky Batfish is only found in Endless Ocean: Blue World, and only under zoom-mode spots all around Gatama Atoll.


They appear in small numbers, only one or two per zoom-mode patch, and swim about rather slowly and with no discernable pattern. They like being fed.


  • These fish only ever appear in their juvenile form in-game, never their adult one.
  • In real life, the Dusky Batfish is also known as the Pinnatus Batfish, the "Pinnatus" coming from its scientific name.
  • The Dusky Batfish, in real life, has actually been shown to help significantly reduce the amount of algae growths on coral in the Great Barrier Reef. This is a good thing, as the algae often competes with the coral for nutrients and oxygen.
  • This fish is a fish that is popular in marine aquariums, but it is often timid and will have trouble eating. They are great in groups of other fish, but fish that are known to nip are advised to be kept away from this one, because its long fins make it an easy target.


  • A photo of a young Dusky Batfish.
  • A front view of a young Dusky Batfish.
  • Another view of this fish.
  • This one is going through adolescence, as is evidenced by the stripe of grey on its side.
  • This is an example of the adult Platax Pinnatus, which do not appear in-game.
  • Another example of an adult fish.

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