The Dusky Rockcod is a small species of fish exclusive to Endless Ocean: Blue World that lives in particularly cold waters.

In-Game Description

"Other than a slight resemblance to the yellowfin goby, this fish doesn't look particularly remarkable. Usually found hiding amongst seaweed or rocks, it eats micro-organisms and in turn becomes an important food supply for other members of the Antarctic food chain."


The Dusky Rockcod is found under zoom-mode glows in the Weddell Sea, around coordinates D-1 SE, C-2 SE, A-4 NE, and B-4 NE. The glows they make their homes in are usually found on the sides of the icebergs that characterize the area,


These fish inhabit their resident zoom-mode patches more often then not in pairs or with more than two present per glow, with one solitary fish being a reportedly unusual sight. They like being offered food and stroked.


  • The "yellowfin goby" mentioned in the in-game description for this creature is most likely Acanthogobius Flavimanus, which does go by that common name. However, that particular species does not make an appearance in either of the Endless Ocean games.

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