Malalapa Hollow

E Maurai Hollow, known as Malalapa Hollow in the American release of Endless Ocean, is a small landmark in the northwestern area of the Manoa Lai Sea.

Local Life

There are no fish swimming about directly inside the Hollow, but around the edges, among the coral, Oriental Butterflyfish and Emperor Angelfish make up most of the wildlife, along with a couple of Bicolor Parrotfish.

Location and Geography

This location is located between co-ordinates D-2 and E-2 (near the entrance to Green Garden), and it is not marked on the map. It is a small alcove carved into the rock by natural forces with a sandy floor, with corals growing around the top edges of the hollow. However, no corals grow inside the Hollow itself with the exception of a few pieces growing on the walls; these corals don't harbor nearly as much life as the corals outside of the Hollow.

Inside the Hollow, on the seafloor, a single piece of the Ancient Bronze Mirror rests.