East Ciceros Undine

The Undine itself.

The East Ciceros Undine (also called the East Ciceros Dini) is one of the large whirlpools that blocks off the Triton Village Ruins in Ciceros Strait, located at coordinates F-6. It is only active during the daytime, and thus the player can access the Ruins at night easily, as well as another area that the Undine is blocking, called the Forgotten Cavern

Nearby, a shoal of Swallowtail Sea Perch swims about, and a separate shoal of Ornate Wrasse is also living in the area. 

The player can select this area as an option to dive from when they are on the boat. There is another prominent undine in Ciceros Strait, the North Ciceros Undine, that is also a diving option from the boat.  


  • An odd detail of this area is that the school of Swallowtails can sometimes be seen swimming within the Undine with seemingly no adverse effects. This is supposedly a programming oversight, as the player cannot swim into the undines and thus the fish should not be able to either.

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