Terrace Entrance

The square gash in the cliffside that forms the entrance to the Terrace.

The Echoing Terrace is a combination cave/tunnel structure in Endless Ocean 2. It leads to the passage to the Cavern of the Gods. In the introduction and near the end of the main plot, the area nearby and all around is filled with all kinds of dolphins and whales, no matter the size or normal habitat. These creatures only appear at these times, and normally the local sea life is composed of whatever creatures are found in the nearby Open Sea.


The Echoing Terrace is found just east of Long Fissure in the Zahhab Region, right between coordinates G-2 and G-3. It is located a short distance down on the cliffside of the Super Drop-Off and is blocked off for the majority of the main story.


  • The entrance to the terrace, from the inside.
  • The back of the Terrace, with a clear view of the tunnel leading to the Cavern of the Gods.