The Electric Eel is a type of eel known for its ability to produce electrical shocks from its body.

In-Game Description

"It is long and slender, like an eel, and is well known for its' ability to generate electricity. It can produce a maximum voltage of around 800 volts, which is enough to electrocute humans and animals as large as horses.

[What is it?]

Although it looks like an eel or a loach, it isn't related to either and is currently classed in its own order. There are only a few other fish in the same family, but they can all generate electricity. Although it isn't a true eel, it is just as edible as any eel."


Endless Ocean 2

A few Electric Eels can be found in the Cortica River, at coordinates A-1 SE and B-1 S. They inhabit the Mangrove Maze.


These creatures pose a danger to the player, due to their powers over electricity. However, because they are freshwater creatures, the Pulsar is not effective against them, but this does not matter very much because the Eels don't actively try to attack the player. Instead, the player should simply try to avoid the eels as much as possible, which can be rather difficult, considering the close quarters in which the Eels live.

The player can obtain the trivia of this creature by taking a picture of it.


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