The Elegant Firefish (not to be confused with the Fire Goby) is a small, colourful fish that makes an appearance in both Endless Ocean games.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

"These fish have long, skinny bodies with highly extended dorsal fins. their colour changes from purple at the tip of the head, to white at the midsection and back, to dark purple at the tail, They can be seen year-round in sandy shallows all over Manoa Lai."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"A colour gradation runs from this fish's head to its tail fin, moving from purple to milky white to dark purple. It lies on the seabed around coral reefs and often swims into the direction of the outgoing tide. It is believed to do this in order to feed on plankton getting swept out to sea."


Endless Ocean

The Elegant Firefish can be seen in sandy, shallow areas all over Manoa Lai, like Taganuah Bay and the Secret Lake.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

This fish is only seen in Gatama Atoll, at coordinates B-7, D-7, and G-6.


The Firefish swims about under zoom-mode glows on sandy areas of the ocean floor, around the entrance to a small den in the sand. It likes food.

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