The Emperor Angelfish is a type of coral reef fish with bright, striped markings.

In-Game Description

EO: "Emperor angelfish have narrow, elliptical bodies with long dorsal fins. Their extremely colorful bodies are a combination of blues, blacks, and yellows, with occasional hints of orange. They are frequently seen in Manoa Lai during the summer.

Juveniles and adults have different spot patterns. Juveniles have a whirlpool-shaped pattern of white, blue, and deep blue. As the fish grow, this gradually turns into a pattern of vertical lines.

Recent experiments have shown that the color palette of this fish actually takes the form of a mathematical concept called a confined Turing pattern. The Turing theory of pattern formation was originally proposed by British mathematician Alan Turing, who also lends his name to the most prestigious award in the field of computer science."

EO2: "This fish has a dark blue base color with many intricate yellow lines. Young fish are a different color from adults, with a distinctive white spiral pattern. As the fish matures, their pattern changes into that of an adult.

[Famous in the Maths World?]

Experiments recently confirmed that this fish's markings are a Turing pattern, an organic pattern that can be expressed mathematically.

This theory was proposed by Alan Turing, who inspired the Turing Award, an extremely prestigious prize in computer science."


Endless Ocean

These can be seen all over the Manoa Lai Sea in the summer. Any other time of the year, they can be seen inside the ruins of Mo'ia Atoll.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be seen all over Gatama Atoll and Deep Hole, and a few can be seen in the Zahhab Region.


They float over coral in large, slow-moving groups. They like being fed and stroked.


  • In Endless Ocean 2, young Emperor Angelfish are not seen in Zahhab Region. They are only displayed to appear there in the Marine Encyclopedia because they share the same listings with the adult version.


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