The Epaulette Shark is a relatively small species of shark named for the distinctive markings near its shoulders.

In-Game Description

"This shark's pectoral fins are further back than usual, with a large black spot outlined in white behind them. The name 'epaulette shark' is thought to come from its markings, which resemble the shoulder markings on military uniforms.

It lives and hides in coral or reefs and can be seen 'walking' along the seabed using its pectoral fins when looking for prey."


Endless Ocean

Epaulette Sharks can be found on the seafloor around Comb Reef, in the little inlets formed by the outcroppings of rock that give this area its name.

Endless Ocean 2

These creatures can be found wandering around Gatama Atoll on the seafloor. They are usually alone, but can be seen somewhat near other Epaulette Sharks in loose groups.


Epaulette Sharks can be seen wandering around on the ocean floor, making a 'walking' motion with their fins to move themselves around. If poked, they will flail about a little bit in protest. The player can gain their favor by petting and feeding them.


  • These sharks are listed as "least concern" on the endangered status scale, which means that they currently aren't at risk for becoming endangered or extinct.
  • A fairly unique ability that this shark has evolved is to deal with an almost complete lack of oxygen without suffering ill effects. It can survive in low-oxygen environments for longer times, often during the night, because it spends the night in tide pools that run out of oxygen fairly quickly.
  • Though this fish is not targeted as a food source, there are some aquarists out there that do seek out this fish as a striking and unique addition to their tank.
  • The majority of this shark's length is taken up by its tail. Its body and head typically take up one-half or less of body length.
  • Though this shark is capable of swimming, it seems to prefer walking.

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