The Equueleus Coin is one of the one hundred Constellation Coins in Endless Ocean: Blue World. It can be found under a zoom-mode glow at coordinates F-8, in the north-eastern quadrant of the square. Because this area is in the South Canyon, it is advised that players take care not to get attacked, as a pack of Great White Sharks (including the notoriously aggressive Thanatos) live nearby.


  • The Equuleus constellation has a name that is Latin for “little horse” (a foal).
  • In Greek mythology, the Equuleus constellation is associated with the foal Celeris (which means “swiftness” or “speed”), who was either the offspring or brother of Pegasus. He was given to Castor (one of the twins in the Gemini constellation) by Mercury.
  • Because the stars in the Equuleus constellation rise before the stars in the Pegasus constellation, it is often called “Equus Primus”, or “First Horse”.


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