The European Conger Eel (also known simply as Conger Eel) is a large eel found in European waters.

In-Game Description

EU version: "This long, thin giant black eel can weigh over 100kg. It is not rare and is used as an ingredient in normal family cooking. One eel can feed a large number of people."

US version: "This long, thin, giant black eel can weigh over 200 lb. It is sometimes seen near the shore in shallow water but can descend to depths of over 3,500 ft."


Endless Ocean 2

These large creatures can be found in Ciceros Strait, on sandy areas of the seafloor at coordinate areas D/E-1, C/D/E/G-6, E-7, H-8. As well as this, they are found in Valka Castle, at B-2 SW.


  • This is one of GG's favorite creatures.

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