The False Killer Whale is a type of dolphin that is sometimes mistaken for the killer whale, hence the name.

In-Game Description

"Black with a characteristic high, curved dorsal fin and a bend halfway along each of its flippers, it lives in pods of just a few to dozens and can jump to the same height as a small dolphin.

It is often found amongst dolphins and there are some false killer whale and bottlenose dolphin hybrids.

[Why 'False Killer Whale'?]

Both this name and its Latin one, pseudorca, come from its resemblance to the orca - the real killer whale.

The other part of the Latin name, crassidens, means 'thick teeth'; it has 16 - 22 large teeth on each jaw. It has been known to eat small dolphins."


In the first game, only one is found in the Mermaid's Tunnel (Great Aqua Cave) in the White Room.

In the second game, a wild one is found in the Mermaid's Ballroom in Valka Castle. One with a strange scar on its face can be befriended later in the game.


They simply swim around with no particular pattern in both games, and respond positively to the sound of the Sea Whistle.


  • These are extremely hard to miss in both games.


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