The Fire Goby is a small, vibrantly-colored fish that appears only under zoom-mode glows.

In-Game Description

Endless Ocean

"Fire Gobies have long, thin bodies. The front section of the dorsal fin is also quite long, and the tail fin is round. Their bodies have a smooth colour gradation of yellow to white to brown from the head to the tail. These fish can be seen near coral reefs all over Manoa Lai."

Endless Ocean: Blue World

"This fish displays a beautiful gradient of colour from its pale yellow head through its milky white body to its brown tail. It is often found in pairs close to breeding holes in coral reefs or on the seafloor. The bond between the pair is strong, and the female hides in the breeding hole, quickly followed by the male."


Endless Ocean

The Fire Goby appears under zoom-mode glows in sandy areas. A few can be found on the sandy stretch of sea floor between Knives Reef and the Sloping Hallway.

Endless Ocean: Blue World

These small fish appear in the Zahhab Region, only around coordinates E-1, E-3, and C-3, under zoom-mode patches in sandy areas.


These fish appear either solitarily or in pairs, near holes in sandy parts of the ocean floor. When poked, they quickly retreat into their dens and slowly reappear when lured out with food.


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