The Footlocker on the deck of the Gabbiano, where the treasures are stored.

In the first Endless Ocean, finding salvage items is a bigger deal, as most of them can only be salvaged once, and there are less than fifty, as opposed to the next game's 200, 300 if you count the Constellation Coins as 'salvage items'. They are only identifiable by a shimmer on the ocean floor, and most of them aren't even shiny, appearing in random locations.

The Footlocker is where all of your salvage Items are kept in the first Endless Ocean. It's located on the Gabbiano.


First Game Treasure Glimmer

The glimmer that indicates where a treasure can be found.

Inside your footlocker, numerous treasures are kept. Most of the treasures are static (meaning they are in a constant location) but some of them appear and disappear randomly and in different locations, and can be salvaged multiple times (for no benefit after your first time salvaging them). The static treasures come in three variations: normal, scattered (in multiple pieces), and unlockable (only accessible after a certain sequence of events is triggered). Below are the static treasures (not in order) and their variation type:

Below is an INCOMPLETE list, missing five items, of the randomly appearing treasures and where they might appear.

Manaurai Sea:

  • Memorable Shell
  • Goddess Shell
  • Vintage Lighter
  • Tin Toy
  • Wine Glass
  • Elusive Napoleon Coin
  • Antique Cup
  • Silver Fork
  • Glass Perfume Bottle
  • Expensive Fountain Pen
  • German-made Harmonica
  • Very Rare Drinks Can
  • Glass Buoy

Great Aqua Cave:

  • Calcified Fossil
  • Amber Lizard
  • Obsidian Arrowhead
  • Whalebone Lure


  • Aqua Amethyst
  • Steel Shell
  • Stone Mask
  • Ammonite Fossil

Marige Atoll Ruins:

  • Good Luck Shells
  •  ???
  •  ???

Ocean's Graveyard

  • Dream Shell
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

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