The Flying Fish is a type of small fish that appears in both games.

In-Game Description

"Easily recognised by its long, wing-like pectoral fins which uses to escape large predators, making its getaway above the waves instead of underwater.

It bursts out of the sea and spreads its wings, gliding over the surface of the water as if flying.

Hidden Ingenuity

Its bones are full of holes, which makes it lighter than other fish. It also has no stomach or short intestine in order to shed the weight of undigested food. As a result, it is able to fly for 10 - 20 seconds and has a range of 100 - 200m, but can fly even further if it catches the wind."


Endless Ocean

These can be seen in the Southeastern Part of Mo'ia Atoll during Autumn.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be found in Ciceros Strait, around D-1, 2 and 4, G-1 and G-2.


These fish swim about in small shoals at a medium speed. They like being offered food.


  • In Endless Ocean 2, these may be hard to find, as they blend in with the Japanese Jack Mackerel that are also found nearby, swimming at a similar speed and being of a similar size and shape.


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