Undine and Cave

The entrance to the cave (right), blocked off by the whirlpool (left).

The Forgotten Cavern is a small, hidden cave that the player can find in Endless Ocean: Blue World

Local Life

This small, dead-end cave is home to a few Goldeye Rockfish and a zoom-mode spot, under which a pair of juvenile Clown Wrasses make their homes. Other than that, the player will find no other living creatures of interest in this area. 

Location and Geography

The player can find the Forgotten Cavern in Ciceros Strait, at coordinates E-6. It is only accessible in the nighttime, as it is blocked by one of the many undines stationed around the Strait that are only active during the daytime. 

When a special request titled "Spartan Treasure Rumor" is active in the player's notebook, the player can find the Spartan Treasure inside of this cave, but only if they dive on the night of a full moon, and only if they're also diving with GG

Under the zoom-mode spot in the Cavern, the Hydra Coin can be found.