The Galatheid Crab is a small, deep-sea species of crab.

In-Game Description

"This creature is white, with hair on its belly and legs.

While it is a member of the lobster family, it looks more like a crab because its tail is bent towards its stomach.

It seems to have only four pairs of legs, but it actually has five like all lobsters; the last pair are almost too small to be visible.

[Growing Their Own Food]

This species lives near hydrothermal vents which feed bacteria with the minerals they release. Galatheid crabs let the bacteria live in the hair on their bodies, then feed on them once they have grown.

As the water around the vents is not very hot, the crabs do not need to be resistant to heat. Also, they do not turn red when boiled."


Endless Ocean

Small groups of two or three Galatheid Crabs can be seen in the Abyss, under zoom-mode patches by the hydrothermal vents.

Endless Ocean 2

These can be seen under zoom-mode spots at the very bottom of the Zahhab Region Depths.


These are found under glows, by themselves, sometimes seen with Deep-Sea Blind Shrimp or, in Endless Ocean 2, with Venus's Flower Baskets.


  • In Endless Ocean, these creatures can only be found at night, because the zoom-mode spots in which they make their homes are among the hydrothermal vents that spew extremely hot water in the daytime. This means that the, in order to get close enough to observe the crabs, the only option is to observe them at night, to avoid being injured by the scalding water.


  • The little white crabs around the Venus Flower Basket

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