Gallery of Souls

The Gallery of Souls is a narrow hallway of rock in Northern Manoa Lai. West of Rock Bluff, it is located at grid coordinates F-4on the player's map, and one of the main features of this small, uninteresting-looking area is the resident Scalloped Hammerhead that patrols the Gallery from end to end. The two treasures found here are the Cassette, an ordinary treasure, and the Ancient Bracelet, which is only unlocked after observing and analyzing all six Stone Monuments at Marige Atoll. After finding the bracelet, you are able to unlock the befriendable Beluga whale. While there are no small fish swimming through the Gallery itself, at either end you'll find Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish, Oriental Butterflyfish, Sailfin Tang, an Olive Flounder, Bicolor Parrotfish, and Bower's Parrotfish.