This tall, thin rock is aptly named from its location in the center of Gatama Atoll (co-ordinates D-5). It is near [[Spring Garden|Spring
Gatama Atoll Gatama's Navel

the Navel itself.

Garden]]. On top of the pillar is a zoom-mode spot with several Five-Lined Coral Gobies in it, and simply swimming above the Navel is a school of Starck's Demoiselle. The Navel is surrounded by Yellow Tang, Emperor Angelfish, and Bower's Parrotfish, along with the resident Whale Shark and a few Leatherback Turtles that swim by.

There is a special request involving something unusual spotted near Cake Rock. Once you go there, you'll look towards the South and see something moving towards Gatama's Navel. When you follow it, you realize it is actually Cacao Maharaja, the legendary and giant Leatherback Turtle. After seeing him, he will continue to swim around that area, but only during the daytime.