Giant's Grotto

The entrance to the Grotto.

The Giant's Grotto is a small cave that the player can find inside of Deep Hole. The entrance to this cave is located on the floor of the first level of the Hole, just past the Mouth of Truth, and it is home to one of the Giant Groupers that live in the area, giving the cave its name.

Though no other fish besides the Grouper actually live inside the Grotto itself, smaller fish tend to gather around the entrance, like Pineconefish (a large shoal of which lives in the area). This includes the absence of any zoom-mode glows inside the Grotto.

The other small cave in the area is known as the Serpent's Lair, and it is home to a Ribbon Moray and a unique salvage item, the Trident Ring. There is another cave in the area, the one known as the Hidden Cavern, but that cave is blocked off by a pile of rubble until the player gets the help of one of their dolphin partners to move it.