The Giant Grouper is a large fish found mainly around coral reefs. It only appears in Endless Ocean: Blue World.

In-Game Description

"With its short, stout body and large mouth, it is the largest of the groupers. A carnivore which can weigh in at around 400 kilograms, it has been known to eat young sea turtles."


Endless Ocean 2

Two can be found inside Deep Hole; One swims at medium level, circling around the Mouth of Truth area, while the other one stays in the Giant's Grotto (thus giving the small cave its name).


They patrol in slow circles and respond well to being given food. The one near the Mouth of Truth swims among the large shoal of Pineconefish that make their home there, but does not interact with them.


  • At night, the one at medium level swims a little deeper, close to the mouth of the bottom level (known as Deep Dome).
  • This is one of Hayako's favorite creatures.
  • This creature, though not endangered, is listed as having a vulnerable population.
  • The first-ever fish to undergo chemotherapy was a Giant Grouper named Bubba.He was often nicknamed "the Super Grouper".


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